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At an early age my love affair began with fashion and beauty.  I always dreamt of working within the industry, however my family had other plans for my career and would not entertain the idea of me pursuing a creative role.

After 13 years in the corporate world, where I excelled and became a Project Manager in IT,  I decided enough was enough and finally took the plunge and pursued my childhood dreams in the beauty industry.  I wanted creativity and service to be the key elements in my life.


I initially trained with Lubna Rafiq in Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup in 2016, then swiftly moved into Fashion and Beauty working at various London modelling studios, independent fashion brands and private members clubs including Allbright, London and then to Urban Retreat, London where I provided make overs, 1:1's and makeup consultations for clients. I continued to work within Bridal, and assisted MUA's to gain more confidence and experience outside of Asian Bridal.  This has lead to me becoming a pro artist for 2 Bridal teams working across England and Internationally.


In 2021 I was asked to join Studio 1, curated by Lan Nguyen-Grealis located at Urban Retreat, London.  Impressed with my skills, passion and dedication to learn she invited me to assist her and her Key Artists at various shows at LFW 21 /22 /23.  This led to me successfully securing a position within Lan's assisting team, where I gained 1:1 training, opportunities to work on some amazing campaigns / projects and more industry exposure, allowing me to create a brand for myself.  I have learned an extensive amount of knowledge about products and how to effectively use them, I have enhanced my kit with artist favourite secret products that provide any 'finished look' I may be asked to create.  I have gained more confidence in myself and I am proud of where my determination and dedication has got me thus far.

I am constantly seeking knowledge and self-development so I attend masterclasses and workshops with industry leading Hair & Makeup Artists. 

In my opinion, being a MUA isn't just about how great your work is, it is also about how you present yourself and how your leave your clients feeling.  I take pride in ensuring each client walks away satisfied with my service, resulting in them becoming repeat clients. 

About Me : Bio
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