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Beauty Makeup

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Understanding your skin

With so many new beauty products launching it can get a little confusing (and expensive) deciding which one would suit your skin best. As a makeup artist in Purley, I’m often drawn to products that have botanical/chemical-free ingredients as the skin needs to be nourished whilst also looking beautiful. Botanical ingredients such as rose, olives, and rosehip have been used over the past decades on all skin types and are essential in maintaining healthy skin.

Skin preparation before any application of makeup is essential to get that organic natural glow. With my clients, I always start with cleansing to ensure the skin is free of any product residue, followed by a toner and then my personal favorite, hyaluronic acid serum to add more hydration to the skin. Lastly, I use a nourishing face cream which I gently massage into the face to stimulate the cells.

I am a big advocate for using minimal beauty products as I find the more products you use the more ‘caked’ your skin looks. Our skin needs to breathe. I will share more in my next blog on how to create natural minimal beauty makeup in Purley.

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