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4 Ways to Incorporate Editorial Makeup into Your Routine

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

As you look through fashion magazines for stylish inspiration, do you ever wonder how you can incorporate Editorial Makeup in Purley into your beauty routine?

As a professional makeup artist in Purley who has regularly created editorial looks, I can tell you that this idea is not just attainable, but also a great way to build your makeup skills!

Here are my 5 PRO tips, suitable for makeup enthusiasts at any level!

1. Skin Is In

In editorial makeup, the skin is always kept fresh and natural, and rarely over-powdered. I always use either a lightweight foundation, a BB cream or a moisturizing tint on the skin when prepping the model for an editorial shoot.

This helps to create an almost “see through” look on the skin. To add longevity to your foundation, build-up coverage only where needed with concealer (such as acne spots, scars or dark circles). In terms of using powders, whether that’s on location or under the hot lights in a studio, I only powder the “hot spots” (usually around the nostrils and the T-zone). Leave the rest of the skin looking fresh and effortless.

My favorites in this category include the Hourglass Illusion Tint, and the Fenty Beauty Concealers and Powders. 2. Less is more Unlike glam makeup, the editorial is more about an understatement (sometimes with one focus). Pick one component to improve, or make light of all provisions. Now and then publication work can call for shading all over, which looks astonishing however probably won't be great consistently. For this situation, pick the component you need to upgrade most and work with that or make light of the entirety of the elements to keep the whole look extremely straightforward (and explore different avenues regarding surfaces rather than according to the following point). 3. Mix up your textures

Gloss, shimmer, pearl, and soft matte are all very popular textures to use in editorial work, as they photograph beautifully and further enhance the look of the skin.

Textures can be colored or clear and applied to all features, or just one focus feature.

My favorites in this category include the NYX Cosmetics Shine Killer, and any of the BECCA highlighters.

4. Multi-use products

Time is Money with article work, so performing various tasks truly pays off! I like to utilize items that will bring the most value for money, and those that can without much of a stretch be used for various provisions. For instance, utilizing lipstick on the eyes, lips, and cheeks is generally a triumphant strategy. The additional advantage? Less to convey in your cosmetics pack!

My favourites in this category include The Multistick by Bite Beauty, and the Egyptian Magic Cream which is a multi-tasking balm for skin, lips, hair, and more! Did you enjoy this article? For similar makeup-related content, click HERE. If you’re a beauty junkie, makeup artist, blogger, or beauty business owner, click HERE to become a Styling Made Easy by Agie Anand Insider for exclusive content, freebies, and invitations.

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